Our Team

Professor Tariq Sadiq


Tariq is the ADREU Director and is Professor of Molecular Medicine and Consultant Physician, Sexual Health and HIV Medicine. His research interests include development, evaluation and implementation of rapid diagnostic and sequencing technologies for diagnosis, antimicrobial resistance detection, public health and e-health care in both developed and developing world settings as wells as pathogenesis/genomics of sexually transmitted infections.

Ms Martina Furegato


Martina is the programme manager and epidemiology lead for ADREU.

Dr Sebastian S Fuller


Sebastian is the Social Science Lead for ADREU and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at St George’s University of London. Sebastian’s research interests are focused on the use of mixed methods to investigate the social impacts of new technologies on healthcare systems. He leads research studies ranging from the investigation of adoption of new point-of-care tests for STIs into the British healthcare system, understanding the social acceptability of genetic modification of plants to produce healthcare products in Europe, and investigating social and structural barriers and facilitators to implementing diagnostic tests in LMICs. You can find out more about Sebastian on LinkedIn.

Dr Liqing Zhou

Liqing is the GCLP Laboratory Lead for ADREU and Senior Scientist.

Dr Agata Pacho

Agata is a Social Science Research Assistant for ADREU. She conducts qualitative research, principally aimed at understanding clinician and patient perspectives on development and access to novel diagnostics for sexually transmitted infections.

Ms Laura Phillips

Laura is a Research Assistant and Study Coordinator for ADREU. She conducts basic and translational science research to develop novel technologies for detection of sexually transmitted infections and antimicrobial resistance.

Ms Emma Heming De-Allie

Emma is an Research Assistant in epidemiology and clinical studies for ADREU at St George’s University of London.

Ms Claire Broad

Claire is a Medical Research Council LID PhD student at St George's University of London. Her current research interests include the relationship between infectious diseases and the immune system, and the development of point of care testing devices; particularly in sexual health.