Patient and Public Involvement

The ADREU team is committed to collaborations between patients, the public, and professionals in the healthcare, basic science and technology fields to co-create applied research and develop technology that improves patient outcomes. We have partnered with designers, science communication experts, and social scientists to ensure that patient’s concerns are addressed in our research and development work.

Our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) activities focus on gaining a better understanding of how novel diagnostics affect the patient experience. We compensate everyone involved in our engagement and involvement programme to ensure participation comes at no added cost for volunteers. We also compensate our advisory group members for specific activities that require time and effort over and above meeting attendance, such as review of documents. Rates for these activities are set using guidance from the National Institute for Health Research INVOLVE programme and in consultation with advisory group members.

Community Advisory Group (CAG): ADREU's CAG brings together professionals and members of the public to discuss the direction of new research proposals, develop best practices for informed consent in research, and explore new ways to engage with members of the public on these important issues. CAG meetings are held on an ad-hoc basis, at St George’s University of London. ADREU are always looking for additional members to expand their PPI efforts. Please get in touch to learn more.

Patient and Public Advisory Groups (PAGs): these advisory groups are time-limited, project-specific groups formed to respond to pre-defined research and development questions. For example, the Precise study PAG focused on rapid tests for STIs and antibiotic resistance.