Key publications

Epidemiology, clinical sciences and public health

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Diagnostic evaluations

  • Pond MJ, Nori AV, Patel S, et al. Performance evaluation of automated urine microscopy as a rapid, non-invasive approach for the diagnosis of non-gonococcal urethritis. Sexually Transmitted Infections. 2015;91(3):165-70.
  • Harrison M, Harding-Esch E, Broad, C, et al. P169 Comparison of the FTD™ Urethritis Plus (7-Plex) detection kit with routine sexual health clinic nucleic acid amplification testing for detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis in urine, vaginal, pharyngeal and rectal samples. Sexually Transmitted Infections. 2016;92:Suppl 1 A76-77.
  • Harding-Esch EM, Fuller SS, Chow C, et al. Performance of a prototype chlamydia and gonorrhoea recombinase polymerase amplification point-of-care test in three sexual health clinics. In Clarke, I. (ed.) Proceedings of the Eighth Meeting of the European Society for Chlamydia Research, 6-9 September 2016, Oxford, UK.
  • Cousins E, Harding-Esch EM, Chow C, et al. A performance evaluation of the ATLAS Genetics ioTM system: a novel and rapid point-of-care in vitro diagnostic test for Chlamydia trachomatis. In Clarke, I. (ed.) Proceedings of the Eighth Meeting of the European Society for Chlamydia Research, 6-9 September 2016, Oxford, UK.

Applied Social Science

  • Aicken CR, Fuller SS, Sutcliffe LJ, et al. Young people's perceptions of smartphone-enabled self-testing and online care for sexually transmitted infections: qualitative interview study. BMC Public Health. 2016;13:16:974.
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Basic and translational science

Health systems research