The Applied Diagnostic Research and Evaluation Unit (ADREU) is a proven multi-institutional and disciplinary group including experts in diagnostic evaluations, epidemiology and public health, clinical medicine, social science and basic and translational science.


Diagnostic evaluations

ADREU offers bespoke diagnostic accuracy evaluations for our collaborating partners in academia, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and leaders in diagnostic development from proof-of-concept projects to late-stage evaluations.

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GCLP Laboratory

The ADREU GCLP laboratory applies the principles of international ethical and scientific quality standards for the analysis of clinical trial samples to ensure the reliability and integrity of data generated in our research.

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Group of people

Global Health

ADREU works to develop, evaluate and guide the implementation of novel technologies in both the UK and internationally. Our team has a background in global health research and so understands the diverse needs of Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs).

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Public involvement

We involve patients and the public in ADREU research to ensure our work reflects patient concerns. Our patient and public involvement (PPI) activities include both project-specific groups and an ongoing Community Advisory Group.

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